unit 1 fr1 greetings hi,bye,how are you going,im going,eyc

Term Definition
Bonjour good day
Bonsoir good evening
salut hi,bye
enchante nice to meet you
Au revoir bye
A plus tard see you later
A demain see you tomorrow
A plus see you
A bientot see you soon
A tout a lhure see you later today
ciao bye
merci thank you
comment t’appelles-tu? What is your name? (How call you yourself)
mon nom est_______ i call myself
comment ca va how are you
ca va it is going
ca va bien i am doing well
ca va mal im doing bad
je vais bien i am doing fine
qu'est-ce qui se passe what is happening? what is going on?
rien de special nothing special
quoi de nuef what is new
rien de neuf nothing is new
ca roule it is rolling
la forme the shape
ca boume it is going
ca gaze it is going
comment s,appelle ton prof de francais what is your frencj teachers name
il s' appelle __________ # his name is _______ (He call himself _____)
quand est ton anniversaire when is your bithday
mon anniversaire est en janervier my birthday is in january
quand est tu-ne when were you born
je suis ne le deux fervier i was born on the 2nd of febuary
quelle est la date de ton anniversarie what is the date of your birthday
mon anniversaire c, est le trois mars my birthday it is the third of march
quelle est ta couler favorite what is your favorite color
ma couluer favorite est le bleu my favorite color is (the) blue
quelle est ta couler preferree rouge what is your preferred color is red
quel est ton nuero de telephone what is your telephone number