TLE 5 Home furnishing

Question Answer
It includes appliances, furniture and accessories. home furnishing
different parts of the house. 1) living room 2) dining room 3) bedroom 4) kitchen 5) bathroom
The place to entertain visitors living room
the place for sleeping and dressing bedroom
The place for meal preparation kitchen
The place to care for oneself bathroom
Basic furniture for living room sofa, chairs, table, TV set
Basic furniture for dining room dining table, chairs
Basic furniture for bedroom bed, chair, dresser, closet
Basic furniture for kitchen stove / range, sink, refrigerator, cabinets
Basic furniture for bathroom toilet bowl, wash basin, mirror, cabinet for toilet articles
Tasks that should be done every day to maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the home Daily tasks
Tasks that involved more time and energy. That is why they are done during weekends. weekly tasks
What are daily tasks? 1) sweeping the floor 2) mopping the floor 3) dusting the living room 4) making the bed 5) emptying the waste can 6) cleaning the toilet/bathroom
What are weekly tasks? 1) applying floorwax 2) cleaning the ceiling 3) changing beds 4) straightening dresser drawers 5) cleaning the cabinet