Surgical Instruments Surgical Principals

Question Answer
Metzenbaum long and delicate scissors for the dissection of fine soft materials
Mayo small and bulky scissors for the dissection of course materials
Mayo-Hegar needle holders with box hinge, stable and secure
Golden Handles hardened steel inserts – tungsten carbide
Olsen-Hegar needle holders with scissors incorporated, inferior grip and hinge isn't as robust
Thumb Forceps rat tooth, adson, brown, semkin, brown adson
Kelly larger hemostats to crush and extend hand
Mosquito smaller hemostats to crush and extend hand
Carmalt hemostats with striations along the length of the jaw in parallel manner
Satinsky Vascular forceps for thorax and abdomen (pulmonary trunk, aorta)
Mixter Gall Bladder forceps to ligate common bile duct for cholescystectomy
Allis Tissue forceps meant to be kinder and gentler when holding tissue, teeth – not crushing
Babcock forceps with a minimally traumatic hold of soft tissues – no teeth
Vulsellum Tumor forceps that clamp and hold firm , serious tissue damage
Doyen Intestinal forceps used for non traumatic occlusion of intestine – most common
Payr Intestinal forceps that crush and clamp to remove piece of intestine
Hand Held Retractors deaver, senn, rakes, hohmann
Weitlaner self retaining retractor with rakes on end
Adson self retaining retractor with hinge so its longer
Balfour self retaining retractor for heavy duty things
Finochietto rib spreader used in horses
Gelpi self retaining retractor used in small animals
Backhaus towel clamps