Scientific Method steps in the Scientific Method

Term Definition
step 1 make an observation
step 2 ask questions
step 3 make a hypothesis
step 4 conduct expirement
step 5 analyze results
step 6 draw conclusions
step 7 report your results
independent variable what am I changing
dependent variable what changes because i changed the independent
constant variables that do not get changed
unit for length meter
unit for mass grams
unit for time seconds
unit for thermodynamic temp kalvin
unit for amount of substance mole
unit for capacity liter
kilo 1 thousnad
hecto 1 hundred
deca 10
base 1
deci .1
centi .01
milli .001
what does the t stand for in tails title
what is the a in tails axis
what is the i in tails interval
what is the l in tails labels
what is the s in tails scale
when to use a line graph to show the flow of the values
when to use a bar graph to highlight individual values
when to use a pie graph to show data as a percent of the whole
graduated cylinder container to measure volume
thermometer a tool to measure temperature in celcius
ruler a tool to measure lenth in centimeters
triple beam balance a tool the measures mass with three beams
stopwatch tool to measure time in seconds
pan balance tool to measure mass in grams
density mass divided by volume
mass d x v
volume l x w x h