huck finn

Question Answer
summary of chapter 1 Huck talks about his life and how the widow makes him read religion. He also says he has 6000 and lives with miss watson.
summary of chapter 2 talk about Jim and they form the club
chapter 3 they talk about what happened in the club, and the people think Pap is dead, and the arab and camel incident
chapter 4 Huck finds out Pap is coming back, and to prepare sells all his money to Judge Thatcher. He goes to Jim and asks him to tell him his fortune with a hairball, which is kind of gross.
chapter 5 Pap visits Huck; He tries to take Huck's money but Widow tries to adopt Hukc. The new judeg doesnt want to split up familys so he sayds know and tries to fix pap.
chapter 6 Pap kidnaps Huck and Huck lives a frer but painful lifestyle. He keeps a gun by his side at night so that his dad wont hurt him
chapter 7 Huck runs away, and makes it look like he was murdered.
chappter 8 Huck stays on Jacksons Island. he hears cannons and finds…Jim! zJim says he ran away because Mrss Watsyn was going to sell him to New Orleans.