Flow of matter flow of matter

Term Definition Example
Element Pure substance with one type of particle Iron, gold , oxygen
Compound Is a combination of two or more elements in a fixed proportions Carbon dioxide, pure water [distilled] salt, sugar
Mixture Two or more substances combined together Salt water, orange juice, tap water, milk, chocolate chip cookie
Homogeneous mixture A mixture that only looks like one substance Apple juice, food coloring, blue ink, tap water
Heterogeneous mixture A mixture that other substances are visible Chocolate chip cookie, salad dressing, raisin bred orange juice with pulp
Colloid Heterogeneous mixture where particles do not settle, it can pass through most mixtures Milk, mayonnaise
Solution A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances Salt water, apple juice
Suspension Cloudy mixtures in which tiny particles of one substance are held with another substance Italian salad dressing, orange juice with pulp
Mechanical mixture An obviously heterogeneous mixture Pizza, dirt
Pure Substance A substance made up of one kind of matter that can combine chemically. Oxygen, gold, carbon dioxide pure water{distilled]