Question Answer
Serial entre people who buy businesses sometimes at the same time or someone who bought businesses and watched them grow
social entre process of sourcing innovative solutions to social and environmental problems
corporate entre process of creating new ventures, products, services or renewal within a large company
family entre family owned business ownership is passed on through generations
franchise/ small business have a designed business model ,people who buy in are entities
predictive logic follow the rules to start your buis – follow these steps – linear
creative logic when the future is unpredictable – no one path to get there – experimentation
theory of effectuation future is unpredictable but the entre believes its product will do something to the future – research/ product allows them to control outcome
research understand to be successful – ideas, customer- uses product, make $, revive change repeat
questioning find solutions , develop and practice
observation notice the world around you , implement – see flaws and strengths
develope- watch others to improve pay attention
association ability to find commonalities in things that are different – allows people to be creative – -connections with new people – Network to new people out of your knowledge realm be creative and accepting
Mindset the way you think affects your ability
ex. competitiveness in Lacrosse
growth mindset belief that you can grow ex. get smarter
fixed mindset belief that you can get better – you are who you are – transition can be made into growth mindset – listen to others, new ideas, people can learn from failure and adversity – see problems as opportunities
fluidity use one idea to come up with others
flexibility one idea leads you to the next idea-
non profit typically don't make $ , high credibility and tax status
ecosystem all of the stuff in a general area that ties into the success / non success of the entre- helps entre to be successful – creates jobs, learn how to start a bus.
experimentation acting in order to learn, trying something ,interprets data to learn from it , self reflects and mindset
Empathy understand other perspectives, emotions- connect with customers / coworkers
reflection after you do something think about it – get better and make mistakes ,make mistakes and play on strengths
creativity (play) general openness to the world – fun, solving problems, new ideas
networking developing relations with people – never know where a connection will lead
questioning ask questions about the process to learn – find solutions
enterprising – non profits a form of social entrepreneurship where both the venture mission and the market impact are for social purposes – profit and impact are made
philanthropy just donate
stakeholders the people or groups affected by or involved with achievement of the social enterprise objectives. – can hinder your business