ELA words

Term Definition
Tavern POS noun a bar/restaurant that also has hotel rooms.
Homespun POS adjective word part compound word home +pound made at home.
Garment POS noun word part suffix-ment a piece of clothing.
Servitude POS noun being forced to obey someone else.
Comrade POS noun word part prefix com means-together friend, especially someone who shares difficult work or circumstances.
Mean POS adjective not generous ,stingy.
Secretive POS adjective word part suffix-ive keeping ones thoughts actions or intentions hidden.
Calicoes POS noun plural word part calico lightweight cotton fabrics.
Anxieties POS noun plural word form anxious worries.
Practiced skill POS noun special skill or knowledge you learn by training or experience.
Fugitive POS noun who is hiding from the authorities.