EKG final

Question Answer
Location of the heart Mediastinum cavity
The base of the heart is made of what Vessels, aorta, superior vena cava, inferior vena cava
What is known as the AV valves Tricuspid valve and the bicuspid/mitral valve
What are known as the pulmonary semi lunar valve The pulmonary valve and the aortic valve
What is the conduction system of the heart SA node, atrial, AV node, bundle of his, right bundle branch, left bundle branch, Purkinje fibers, ventricular polarization
Two types of cardiac cells Electrical and mechanical
Automaticity cardiac cells to generate impulses without any external stimulus
Conductivity Ability of cardiac cells to relay and impulse to neighboring cells
Excitability To respond to stimulus
Contractivility cardiac cells to respond to stimulus and then contract
Action potential Difference between electrical charges across cell membrane which result in depolarization and repolarization
One cardiac cycle equals Five waves
Refractory period Cells cannot respond to any stimuli
Distance between two waves Segment
Interval Wave plus a segment
Intensity of current Gain
Converts electrical impulses into mechanical Galvanometer
Normal speed for EKG paper 25 mm/sec
Volume of blood pumped by Heart in one minute Cardiac output
Largest vein in the body Superior and inferior vena cava
What actually controls the blood flow through the heart Valves
Vagus nerve Help the heart to slow down it's rate
AC interference Small fuzzy lines
Coronary arteries Feed the heart wall
Interrupted baseline Breaks between complexes
Limit leads are placed on the Fleshy or muscular part of the lambs
Chest leads are known as Precordial leads
Unipolar leads Augmented
Bipolar leads Limb leads 1,2,3
What angle do you place a patient with a head injury 30 degrees
Where do you place the leads on an amputee Torso
How many methods are there to calculate a Heart rate 3
What can happen if the electrodes are moved or touched while they're monitoring period is in cycle Artifacts
Dobutamine stress test For patients who are unable to exercise on the treadmill due to physical limitations or age
A procedure to reverse a fibrillation of the heart Cardioversion
Electrolyte A solution that helps conduct electrical current
Isoelectric line The straight-line seen on the EKG strip
Trace the circulation of deoxygenated blood through the heart Superior and inferior vena cava, right atrium, tricuspid valve, right ventricle, pulmonary valve, pulmonary artery, lungs.
Trace the circulation of oxygenated blood through the heart Pulmonary vein, left atrium, bicuspid or mitral valve, left ventricle, aortic valve, aorta, body
How many sensors are placed on the body when recording a 12 lead EKG 10
Describe any patient who has a low oxygen level Hypoxic
A degree of hardening of normal soft tissue in the area Induration
Mantoux skin test Hey common screening test for tuberculosis
A noninvasive test that checks the lung function Pulmonary function test
Sputum Fluid or matter that is produced in the lungs and bronchi
Vital capacity Maximum amount of air of the patient can inhale and exhale
Arterial blood gases are ordered and study for what to general purposes Evaluate the health of respiratory system, and study effectiveness of oxygen therapy
Arterial blood gases will measure of what three items PH, oxygen levels and carbon dioxide levels in the body
The right lung has how many lobes 3
The left lung has how many lobes 2
What medication is not used in a nebulizer Antibiotics
Normal PFTs should fall within what percentage of the predictive value 85% or higher
Screening test for TB is a blood test called QFT-G