Term Definition
Gratitude (n) Being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness
Flustered (adj) Make someone agitated or confused
Confer (v) Grant or bestow a title or right, to have discussions, exchange opinions
Blissfully (adv) Extremely or completely happy
Gaggle (n) A group or cluster lacking organization
Consistently (adv) Continuing to happen or develop in the same way
Vaulted (v) To extend or stretch over in the manner of an arch
Bungalow (n) A one story thatched or tiled house usually surrounded by a veranda
Dispute (n) A debate, conttroversary or difference of opinion
Intricate (adj Having many interrelated parts, entangled or involved

10 test questions

Question Answer
what moves energy from place to place? waves
the sum of the potential energy and kinetic energy is thermal energy false mechanical energy
what is the sum of the kinetic energy and potential energy of the particles that make up the object? thermal energy
what is the ability to cause change? energy
what is the stored energy due to the interactions between objects or particles? potential energy
what is the energy stored in and released from the bonds between atoms? chemical energy
what is the energy stored in and released from the nucleus of atom? nuclear energy
energy is the ability to cause change true
what is the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy? mechanical energy
chemical energy is the energy stored in and released from the bonds between atoms true

CBA Unit 7 CBA Unit 7 Word Processing

Term Definition
Electronic mail (e-mail) transmission of messages and files using a computer network
Fax a document generated by using a facsimile machine
Internet a vast network of computers linked to one another
Intranet a company's private network of computers
Local Area Network (LAN) a computer network that covers a small area
Network computers that are connected to each other
Online computers that are connected and ready to receive and/or transmit data
Protocol the rules that must be observed for two electronic devices to communicate with each other
Stand alone a computer that is not connected to a network
Telecommunications transmitting information and communicating electronically
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Internet address that identifies hypertext documents
World Wide Web (WWW) a system of computers that share information by means of links on web pages


Term Definition
Tavern a bar/restaurant that also has hotel rooms
homespun made at home
garment a piece of clothing
servitude being forced to obey someone else
comrade friend, especially someone who shares difficult work or circumstances
mean not generous, stingy
secretive keeping ones thoughts, actions, or intentions hidden.
calicoes lightweight cotton fabrics
anxieties worries
practiced skill special skill or knowledge you learn by training or experience
fugitive someone who is hiding from the authorities

Med Term Chapter 1

Question Answer
pre before
post after
gastr stomach
itis inflammation
arthr joint
splen spleen
hyster uterus
enter intestine
neur nerve
ot ear
dermat skin
nephr kidney
hepat liver
oste bone
cholangi bile vessel
append appendix
col colon
mast breast
centesis surgical puncture
pathy disease
scope instrument used to view or examine
chondr cartilage

Common Suffixes

Question Answer
centesis surgical puncture
clasis to break, surgical fracture
desis binding, fixation (of a bone or joint)
ectomy excision, removal
lysis separation, destruction, loosening
pexy fixation (of an organ)
plasty surgical repair
rrhaphy suture
stomy forming an opening (mouth)
tome instrument to cut
tomy incision
tripsy crushing

Ch. 4

Term Definition
civil liberties freedoms to think and act without government interference or fear of unfair legal treatment
censorship the banning of printed materials or films due to alarming or offensive ideas
petition a formal request for government action
slander spoken untruths that are harmful to someones reputation
libel written untruths that are harmful to ones reputation
search warrant a court order allowing law enforcement officers to search or inspect a suspects home or business and take specific items as evidence
indictment a formal charge by a grand jury
grand jury a group of citizens that decide whether there is sufficient evidence to convict a suspect of committing a crime
double jeopardy putting someone on trial for a crime that he or she has previously committed
due process following established legal procedures
eminent domain the right of government to take private property for public use
bail a sum of money used as a security deposit to ensure that an accused person returns for his or her trial
suffrage the right to vote
poll tax a sum of money required of voters before they are permitted to cast a ballot
discrimination unfair judgement based on prejudice against a certain group
segregation social separation of races
civil rights the rights of full citizenship and equality under the law
affirmation action programs intended to make up for past discrimination by helping minority groups and women gain access jobs and opportunities
racial profiling singling out an individual as a suspect due to appearance of ethnicity

ELA words

Term Definition
Tavern POS noun a bar/restaurant that also has hotel rooms.
Homespun POS adjective word part compound word home +pound made at home.
Garment POS noun word part suffix-ment a piece of clothing.
Servitude POS noun being forced to obey someone else.
Comrade POS noun word part prefix com means-together friend, especially someone who shares difficult work or circumstances.
Mean POS adjective not generous ,stingy.
Secretive POS adjective word part suffix-ive keeping ones thoughts actions or intentions hidden.
Calicoes POS noun plural word part calico lightweight cotton fabrics.
Anxieties POS noun plural word form anxious worries.
Practiced skill POS noun special skill or knowledge you learn by training or experience.
Fugitive POS noun who is hiding from the authorities.

hardware and softwar vocab

Term Definition
Chat room a virtual site where people can communicate with multiple users at the same time.
Game Console
Input Device
Green Computing
Output Device
Storage Device
Hard Drive
Operating system
Optical Drive

6Gr. L4B 6Gr. L4A

Question Answer
abrupt happening suddenly
acknowledge to admit
adorn to add beauty to
defiance bold resistance
dismal unpleasantly dim and gloomy
folly a lack of sense
illuminate to give light to
inevitable certain to happen
mere nothing more or other than; only
pamper to treat with too much gentleness
perplex to puzzle
reverence a feeling or attitude of deep respect
trounce to thoroughly beat or defeat
unique so unusual as to have no like or equal
valor great courage or bravery