Conversational Latin

Question Answer
Salve Hello
Salvete Hello
Ave Greetings
Avete Greetings
Vale Goodbye
Valete Goodbye
ita yes
minime no
non not
Licetne mihi ire ad balneum? May I go to the bathroom?
Licetne mihi ire ad aquam? May I go to water?
Multas gratias Many thanks
Nihil est. It is nothing.
si vis Please
Quid agis? What are you doing?
Quis? Who?
sum I am
es you are
est is
sunt are
excitate psyched
defesse tired
optime excellent
bene well
male poorly
mediocriter okay
hodie today
cras tomorrow
heri yesterday
erat was
erit will be
et and
sed but
Quid agis? How are you doing?