Carter Test 6 Carter Foundation words Test 6

Question Answer
Diocletian Roman and Byzantine emperor who dividied the Roman Empire into 2 sections in the late 200's A.D.
Byzantine Empire Eastern half of Roman Empire
Constantine Roman and Byzantine emperor who established Byzantium as the capital city
Constantinople capital city of B.E.
Justinian Greatest Byzantine emperor best remembered for his reform of Roman Law – Justinian's code
Theodora wife of Justinian served as co-ruler
Justinian Code Collection of Laws from the old Roman Repuplic/ Empire
Corpus Juris Civilis Guide used by law makers today
Autocrat Sole ruler with complete authority
Patriarch Highest church official in Constantinople
Icons Holy images
Shism A permanent split between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church (1054)
Eastern Orthodox Church Official church of the Byzantine Empire
Ottoman Empire Empire which conquers the Byzantine Empire in 1453 (Muslim)
Istanbul Capital city of Ottoman Empire , Formerly known Constantinople
Rus Combination of Scandinavian vikings and Slavic peoples who fomr what will become known as the state of Russia
Cyril, Methodius Greek Monks who adapted the Greek alphabet so they could translate the Bible into Slavic languages – Cyrillic Alphabet
Genghiz Khan Leader of the Mongols who eventually conquers Russian state very tolerant ruler known as the "World Emperor" brought peace to the land between China and Eastern Europe
Czar The Russian word of Caesar, name used by late Russian Rulers
Mosiacs Pictures of designs formed inlaid pieces of stone/art form
Pentarchy The five church leaders of the Orthodox / Catholic church with included the Pope of Rome and The Patriarchs
Iconoclast Movement A reaction against the use of icon in the Orthodox church with took place in the 700's A.D.