Carter Test 3 Carter World History Foundation Words Test 3

Question Answer
Polis a unique Greek version of a city-state
Acropolis the upper part of a Greek city-state-"High City" contained temples and important structures
Phalanx a massive formation of heavily armed foot soldiers
Helots a state-owned slave in Greek Society
Aristocracy form of government by the landholding elite/ also refers to the upper class
Oligarchy form of government where power is in the hands of a small group- usually the elite business class
Democracy government by the people
Homer writer, poet, Greek Iliad & Odyssey, poems about bravery of Greek Soldiers
Tyrant people who gain power through force
Zeus Greek, God, Ruler of Gods
Athena Greek, Goddess, goddess of wisdom / Athens named for her
Aphrodite Greek, Goddess, goddess of Love
Herodotus Athenian, Historian, Father of History, wrote about the Persian Wars
Alliance a formal agreement between two or more powers
Delian League an alliance of Greek city-states, led by Athens, as a defense against an outside force.
Ostracism Athenian right to vote or send someone out of society who was a threat to Democracy, banish from society
Pericles Athenian, statesman, politician, leader, ruler, introduced Direct Democracy, all men vote, class doesn't matter, Golden Age, had acropolis / Athens rebuilt
Thucydides Greek, Athenian, Historian, wrote about the Peloponnesian Wars, recorded speech given by Pericles
Rhetoric the art of skillful speaking-used to teach the public
Socrates Athenian, stonemason, teacher, reformer, Philosopher,
"Socratic Method" pose question & think about answers, convicted of corrupting young people of Athens & failing to respect gods, sentenced to death- Hemlock, distrusted Democracy, Teacher of Plato
Plato Athenian, teacher, student, author, builder, Philosopher, student of Socrates, distrusted Democracy-social classes with philosophers to rule, school known as the ACADEMY, author of Republic, most women are inferior , Teacher of Aristotle
Aristotle Athenian, student, teacher, founder, builder PHILOSOPHER, student of Plato, all governments have positives and negative, favored rule by a single, strong leader, built school known as Lyceum.; Founder of Zoology, Teacher of Alexander the Great
Pindar Greek, poet "ESPN" wrote victory odes that celebrated the Athlete
Alexander the Great Macedonian, son, soldier, general, emperor, conqueror of Macedonian Empire who spread Greek culture though out his Empire, Hellenistic culture
Euclid Hellenistic, mathematician, author wrote textbook Elements, basis for Geometry books today
Pythagoras Hellenistic, mathematician, relationship between the sides of a right triangle
Hippocrates Greek, physician / doctor studied illness and looked for cures – don't blame the gods "Hippocratic Oath"
Archimedes Hellenistic, scientist, inventor, mastered the use of levers and pulleys, "give me a lever ling enough, I will move the world"
Eratosthenes Hellenistic, scientist, showed the Earth was round by accurately calculating its circumference
Agora the Greek marketplace
Hoplite a heavily armed Greek soldier
Hera Greek, goddess, wife, Greek goddess of marriage & childbirth, wife of Zeus
Apollo Greek, god, Greek god of sun, fire, arts &music, and medicine
Thales Greek, philosopher, first Greek Philosopher, "The Why Guy"????