3A – Religion God Calls a People

Question Answer
The perfect revelation of God is
A) creation
B) Scripture
C) Jesus
The Old Testament is
A) not important to Catholics
B) the Word of God for Christians and Jewish people
C) part of Revelation
the Word of God for Christians and Jewish people
God's guidance of the Bible's human authors is called
A) Revelation
B) inspiration
C) tradition
In the Bible, creation is told
A) as religious truth
B) as a historical record
C) in the Book of Revelation
as religious truth
God created
A) good and evil things
B) all things
C) men to have more dignity than woment
all things
God intends that we
A) be stewards of the earth
B) use the gifts of the earth as we please
c) not worry about people in other lands
be stewards of the earth
The source of all evil is
A) the devil
B) temptation
C) sin
The effort to return to God and neighbor after committing sin is called
A) reconciliation
B) evolution
C) redemption
The sign of God's covenant with Noah and the human race was
A) bread
B) a rainbow
C) a ram
a rainbow
We are like God through the gifts of
A) a love and freedom
B) knowledge and power
C) intellect and free will
intellect and free will
The first patriarch, or father and ruler of the Chosen People, was
A) Abraham
B) Adam
C) Moses
God promised Abraham land and
A) a long life
B) many descendants
C) great power
many descendants
Isaac, Abraham's son, had two sons called
A) Cain and Abel
B)James and John
C)Esau and Jacob
Esau and Jacab
In Isaac's family, the son who had the birthright would
A) receive all his father's wealth
B) become patriarch of God's people
C) have the right to live where he wanted
become patriarch of God's people
The woman who received a message from God that her younger son would lead the Chosen People was
A) Sarah
B) Rebekah
C) Ruth
God watched over Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel), just as e watches over all is people. This is called God's loving
A) Providence
B) perseverance
C) persistence
When Joseph's brothers who had sold him as a slave came begging to him, Joseph
A) threw the in prison
B) forgave them
C) let them starve
forgave them
A sacred agreement between God and his people is called a
A) patriarch
B) covenant
C) Providence
The Jewish feast that celebrates God's freeing of the Israelite's from slavery is
A) Passover
B) Hanukkah
C) Seder
The event in which the Israelite's were led by God out of Egypt to freedom is known as the
A) Passover
B) Exodus
C) Exile
In his covenant with the Israelite's, God promised that they would
A) rule the world
B) be is people
C) always be happy
be his people
In their covenant with God, the People promised
A) All the Lord says we will do!
B) We will give up false gods
C) We will do some of the tings the Lord says
All the Lord says we will do!
The new commandment, which Jesus gave at the Last Supper, was
A) Love your neighbor as yourself
B) As I have loved you, so also should you love one another
C) Love the Lord with all your hear
As I have loved you, so also should you love one another
Special days set aside to worship with community at Mass are
Sundays and
A) Fridays during Lent
B) legal holidays
C) holy days of obilgation
holy days of obligation
Speaking against God in a hateful manner is called
A) blasphemy
B) perjury
C) cursing
Conscience helps us make decisions after considering our obligations and
A) principles
B) the consequences
C) both a and b
both a and b
In the desert, God fed the Israelite's with
A) mild and honey
B) manna and quail
C) wine and cheese
manna and quail
The punishment for the Israelite's who were always complaining was to
A) suffer hunger and thirst
B) become ill with a strange disease
C) spend 40 years in the desert without entering the Promised Land
Spend 40 years in the desert without entering the Promised Land
We commit a mortal sin if we do something seriously wrong, we know our act is wrong, and we do it
A) freely and willingly
B) Secretly
C) with another person
freely and willingly
We can be reconciled with God by the Sacrament of Reconciliation, an act of contrition, an act of love, or
A) going to church
B) receiving the Euharist
C) praying the Rosary
receiving the Eucharist
Those who lead us to the Promised Land the way Joshua led the Israelite's to Canaan are
A) the pope and bishops
B) priests and deacons
C) Jesus and his representative in the Churc
Jesus and his representatives in Church
The Ark of the Covenant housed
A) the Old Testament
B) the Ten Commandments
C) manna and quail
the Ten Commandments
When the Israelite's forgot God and their promises, God sent judges to
A) sit in courtrooms and judge the people
B) lead the people and defeat their enemies
C)punish the Israelites
lead the people and defeat their enemies
A judge known for his tremendous physical strength was
A) Gideon
B) Samuel
C) Samson
A non-Jewish woman who became an ancestor of Jesus' was
A) Deborah
B) Ruth
C) Judith
Anointing is blessing a person with oil.
A) to let that person know he is a leader
B) to seal an agreement
C) to dedicate that person to God
to dedicate that person to God
God listened to the people's request for a king, so he inspired
A) Saul to anoint Samuel first king of Israel
B) Samuel to anoint Saul as first king of Israel
C) Saul to anoint David as first king of Israel
Samuel to anoint Saul as first king of Israel
David's keen sense of justice was shown by
A) his anger at the rich man who stole a poor man's lamb
B) his desire for Uriah's wife
C) his writing of psalms
his writing of the psalms
When God offered King Solomon a gift, he asked for
A) wisdom and poverty
B) an understanding heart and charity
C) an understanding heart and wisdom
an understanding heart and wisdom
Prophets are people who
A) foretell the future
B) speak for God
C) have an easy life
speak for God
The prophet who was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot is
A) Elijah
B) Elisha
C) Samuel
The Israelite's sinned chiefly by
A) committing adultery
B) committing idolatry and social injustice
C) fighting
committing idolatry and social injustice
Isaiah the prophet had a vision of
A) the holiness of God
B) bones coming to life
C) a potter
the holiness of God
The prophet who was arrested and beaten for pointing out people's sins is
A) Ezekiel
B) Jeremiah
C) Amos
During Israel's exile in Babylon, Ezekiel told the people that
A) God would punish them more for their sins
B) God planned to raise up a new Isreael
C) God would be with them only in Jerusalem
God planned to raise up a new Israel
The last and greatest prophet was
A) Ezekiel
B) Jeremiah
C) John the Baptist
John the Baptist
The father of the prophet who prepared the people for the Messiah's coming by calling them to repent was
A) Ezekiel
B) Zechariah
C) John the Baptist
God becoming man is called the
A) Immaculate Conception
B) Incarnation
C) Nativity
The period of time that begins on the First Sunday of Advent and ends on the Feast of Christ the King is called
A) the season of preparation
B) Ordinary Time
C) the liturgical or Church, year
the liturgical, or Church, year
We celebrate Jesus' saving sacrifice and holy meal when we celebrate
A) the sacraments
B) the Eucharist
C) the Church year
the Eucharist