1984 1984 test

Question Answer
When is the story set? Sometime in the future
The genre of 1984 is… Dystopia
The type of government that is in power in this novel is a… Totalitarian dictatorship
Who is the author of 1984? George Orwell
The author saw all of the following during his tome of writing except….. Citizen arrests
What phrase does Winston write in his diary at the end of Part 1 Chapter 1? Down with big brother
Who is the alleged traitor whose face is shown to start the 2 minutes of hate? Goldstein
What is a "child hero"? A child who turns their parents in for anti-party crimes
What is not a party slogan? Knowledge is understanding
What is the Party slogan mentioned in Part 1 Chapter 3? Who controls the past, controls the future…..
What is Winston's job in the Ministry? To alter historical records in a way that emliates any detials that could raise negative feelings towards the party.
What popular event were Mrs. Parsons' children upset they missed? A hanging of foreign spies
According to Syme, what is the eventual aim of Newspeak? To make thoughtcrime impossible
What is the only recognized purpose of marriage? to create new party members
Why does Winston believe Syme will disappear one day? He is too smart
Why does Winston believe a real love affiar would be almost impossible? Chastity, unless fulfilling a duty of the Party, is something ingrained in all women from a very early age
After some consideration, why does Winston no longer believe Julia is an enemy? She appeared frightened when she gave him the note.
What intimate gesture do Winston and Julia share at the end of Part 2 chapter 1? Holding hands
What is the emblem of the junior anti-sex league? A scarlet sash
What suprises Winston about Julia's language when they meet in the countryside? How much cursing she uses
What, "love offering" does Winston give to Julia when they meet in the countryside in Part 2 Chapter 2? His glass paperweight
Why is a person's privacy no safer in the countryside than in London? There are microphones in the trees
Julia only cares about the Party's doctorine (agenda) when….. it affects her directly
Winston thinks Julia takes WHAT for granted? That everyone in Oceania hates the Party
Although they know it is dangerous, why do Winston and Julia rent room above Mr. Charrington's shop? There is no telescreen and they can have privacy.
Julia has a theory about the stories of Goldstein and the underground. She believes….. They are made up by the Party
What does Winston find so fascinating about the paperweight? It's a piece of unaltered history
How does Julia think Winston should have gotten out of his loveless relationship? Pushed his wife over a cliff.
What is signifcant about the place in which O'Brien approaches Winston in Part 2 Chapter 6? It is the same place where Julia first approached him.
What would happen to O'Brien if he referred to Syme by name? He'd be vaporized himself.
Winston has a memory of a time his mother gave chocolate to him and his sister. What does Winston remember doing? Snatching his sister's chocolate out of her hand.
As a child, how did Winston spend most of his time? Playing "spies"
What happened to Winston's mother and sister? They disappeared
What can O'Brien do in his appartment that Winston cannot do in his appartment? Turn off his telescreen
According to Winston, what would be the ultimate betrayal between him and Julia and therefore is the one thing they must never do? Stop loving each other
Based on Goldstein's book, what are the two aims of the Party? To conquer the earth and eliminate independent thought.
Goldstein says the past must be altered because…… There will be no basis for comparison in the quality of life
According to Goldstein, what is the primary ail of modern warefare? To destroy technology that would allow for the standard of living to be raised
What does Winston conclude is Goldstein's final message? If there is hope, it lies with the proles
In part 2 Chapter 10, how does Winston think he and Julia can share in the future? By writing their own diary to the next generation
How are Winston and Julia caught at the end of Part 2? A telescreen behind the painting in their room
In part 3 chapter 1, Winston realizes he is in "The place with no darkness." Why is it the place with no darkness? There are no windows and the lights are left on all the time
When Winston sees Parsons imprisoned, who does Parsons say has denounced him (turned him in)? His daughter
Where Has Winston been taken at the beginning of part 3? The ministry of Love
In part 3 chapter 1, Why does Winston hope O'Brian will come see him? O'Brien has the information Winston's captors are looking for.
Who is in charge of Winston's torture? His mother
When Winston is being tortured in Part 3 chapter 2, what is his primary concern or main goal? to figure what they want hom
What does O'Brien throw down the memory hole? A copy of the photograph Winston had seen of the 3 party members at a party function the night they supposedly committed their anti-party crime
According to O'Brien, what was the Party's purpose in bringing Winston to the Ministry of Love? To cure him
Which of the following is NOT a stage of Winston's reintergation? — Learning, Acceptance, Understanding, OR submission? Understanding
According to O'Brien, what has Julia done? Betrayed Winston
Why does the party seek power? To eventually have control over nature
How does the Party seek power? To eventually have control over nature
How does the party exerts power over humans? By keeping them poor
IN part 3 chapter 3, what does Winston see when O'Brien forces him to look into the mirror? The body of a 60 year old man
What does Winston write on his slate in Part 3 chapter 4? "God is Power"
What does Winston believe is the only way to keep a secret? Not have one
How must Winston change his feelings toward Big Brother before he can be released? Winston must love him.
In part 3 chapter 5, what is Winston's immediate reaction after he cries out for Julia? He chastises himself for being so weak as to call out her name
What is the worst thing in the world for Winston? Rats
Where does Winston's final torture occur? Room 101
According to Winston at the end of Part 3, chapter 5, what is freedom? To die at his own hand rather than the party's.
What is Winston's latest false memory (at the end of the book)? Playing a game with his mother and sister
What do Winston and Julia admit to each other in the final chapter of the book? They betrayed each other
When Winston and Julia unexpectedly meet in part 3 chapter 6, what does her body remind him of? A corpse
In part 3 chapter 6, whom does Winston now love? Big brother
What is the telescreen's important announcment in part 3 chapter 6? Oceania declared victory in Africa
What is having two contradictory beliefs at the same time and believing them both? Doublethink
Where is a country or nation where the novel takes place? Oceania
Who are the lowest class citizens that make up 85% of the population? Proles
What is the new language of Oceania called? Newspeek
What is protective stupidity? Crimestop
What is thoughtcrime? Having anti-Party ideas or thoughts
what is INGSOC? English socialism
What is Eurasia? One of the three super-nations
What is it to vaporize? To disappear and be erased from existence as punishment for anti-party crimes.
What is Pornosec? Cheap porn distributed through the Proles
What is Airstrip One? What london is now called
What is the brotherhood? An underground organization of anti-party rebels
What is a telescreen? Device with which the party spy on its members
What is facecrime? An expression on your face that indicates you have something to hide.